Enjoy the best of maguro and Nagoya rice in Nagoya 💖Three new menu items are available for lunch 🎉.


I am in charge of PR for Hana Karuta😊.

How are you all doing now that the weather is becoming more and more sweaty?

In this issue, we will introduce a lunch menu that is perfect for hot days.


◆New summer-inspired menu for lunch 🌸◆◆

~Three different rice bowl menus are now available for lunch 🐟.

The restaurant has introduced a new summer-inspired menu for lunch starting May 8!
Healthy Nebaneba-don with yellowfin tuna, natto, okra, and mekabu: 900 yen (tax included); and
The "Tuna Rare Steak Donburi" is moist, tender and full of the flavor of tuna. 950 yen (tax included),
There are three types of bowls: "Sakura Smoked Salt Sauce Tuna Donburi" for 950 yen (tax included), which combines the savory aroma and moderate saltiness of the sauce with tuna.
Tuna is seasoned in various ways and served in a bowl of rice 🌟.

Please enjoy a luxurious lunch time with our new menu.


~Nagoya Meal Course 💖, perfect for entertaining!

We also offer courses that allow you to fully enjoy Nagoya rice.
The "Finishing Eel Hitsumabushi Nagoya Mei Course" includes beef tenderloin stew and Mikawa Jidori chicken wings,
A sumptuous 9-course meal including Hatcho Miso Kushikatsu of Aichi pork, and eel Hitsumabushi to finish the meal 🌟.
In addition, 2 hours of all-you-can-drink is available for 5,300 yen per person (tax included).
It is ideal for drinking and banquets, as well as for entertaining people from outside the prefecture.
Please use it for various occasions 🎉.


One minute walk from Nagoya Station.
Hanakaruta] where you can enjoy tuna directly from the market and Nagoya rice.
Please feel free to stop by from lunch to dinner.
The entire staff looks forward to serving you.


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Official] Honmaguro and Nagoya rice Hana Karuta

Official] Honmaguro and Nagoya rice Hana Karuta

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1 minute walk from Nagoya Station
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